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3 Personalised Gifts For The Foodie In Your Life

Do you have a friend or family member who's passionate about all things food related? Will you be buying them some off-the-shelf edible goodies for their birthday this year? Try stepping up your gift giving game and getting them a personalised gift that shows you pay attention to their likes and dislikes rather than simply knowing they're into food. Here are three personalised gifts to consider for the foodie in your life:  

Chocolate Bouquet

A chocolate bouquet is arranged in the same way a flower bouquet is, and the bouquet can be delivered in a gift box. You can also include a card with a message to the recipient and select the colour of the ribbon that's wrapped around the bouquet. The chocolates are individually wrapped and attached to plastic stems. You can select the recipient's favourite chocolates and create a bouquet you know they'll love. When they realise you know what their favourites are, this gift is sure to bring a smile to your foodie friend's face.

Fortune Cookies

A fortune cookie gift box with personalised fortunes tucked inside the crunchy cookies is a fun gift for those who appreciate that food can also be a novelty. You can choose the flavour of the cookies, and each cookie will contain a different fortune that you've written. Popular flavours include lemon, gingerbread, and dark chocolate. The beauty of this gift is you can tailor the fortunes to what's going on in the recipient's life, such as getting married, moving house or having a baby. Alternatively, you can just write random fortunes that will make the recipient smile.

Coffee Blend

Know a foodie who's serious about their morning cup of java? Why not gift them a personalised blend of coffee. All you have to do is complete a taste profile and give the blend a name, and the roasting company will create the blend and ship it. For the taste profile, you'll need to know what flavours the recipient likes for their coffee. For example, do they like aromatic notes, nutty blends or spices, such as warming cinnamon? You'll also need to choose whether you want the blend to be mellow and easy to drink at any time of the day or intense and full-bodied.

When selecting a gift for the foodie in your life, take their personality into consideration. Try to choose something they as an individual will like rather than just any old food gift.